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Signicent LLP is our partner company responsible for conducting patent searches. Signicent can conduct patent searches in over 100 countries globally using commercial patent databases including patents from European and Asian countries. The company also has the capability to conduct equally comprehensive scientific literature searches.

Signicent is capable of conducting patentability, FTOs, Invalidation and landscape services in all technology domains. The bouquet of services can be seen as below:

Signicent Services

A typical workflow for conducting prior art searches is explained below:

After receiving the requirements, Signicent conducts background searches and submits a cost-free proposal. Following approval, extensive patent searches are conducted in commerical patent and literature databases to find the most valuable prior art. This includes searching with keywords, classes, assignees, language, literature and semantic searches. The patent specialist will analyze the searched patents and will manually filter down to the most relevant prior arts. The reporting format is flexible and can be determined by client.

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