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Federal Circuit Affirms Alice Rejection in White Knuckle v. EA

The Federal Circuit affirmed a district court's granting of a motion to dismiss based on an Alice invalidation of the patent in the White Knuckle Gaming v. Electronic Arts patent litigation.

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China Cuts Trademark Fees

The Chinese Trademark Office has cut its official fees. Appyling for a mark now costs US$44 per class, about half the previous fee.

Supreme Court Bars Latches Defense in Patent Cases

The US Supreme Court ruled that latches cannot be used as a defense in patent infringement litigation in SCA Hygiene Products v. First Quality Baby Products. The court concluded that because Congress had created a statute of limitations, there was no need for the common law latches defense.

Federal Circuit Affirms Alice Invalidation in Clarilogic v. FreeForm

The Federal Circuit affirmed a district court finding that the software patent in the Clarilogic v. FreeForm Holdings patent litigation was an abstract idea under Alice.

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Federal Circuit Affirms Invalidation of Cloud Based Medical Billing Patent

The Federal Circuit affirmed a Patent Trial and Appeal Board invalidation of a cloud-based medical billing patent under Alice. The patent includes some interesting limitations directed to rules and claim status, but wasn't enough to be considered patentable subject matter.

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