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Federal Circuit Affirms PTAB Invalidation in Travelers v Integrated Claims Systems

The Federal Circuit affirmed a Patent Trail and Appeals Board Alice invalidation of software patent patent 7,346,768 in Travelers Lloyds of Texas v Integrated Claims Systems.

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Federal Circuit Affirms Collateral Estoppel Decision

The Federal Circuit affirmed a summary judgement in district court that IntegraSpec's patent infringement suit against Airlite Plastics. IntegraSpec had argued that a previous finding of non-infringement for similar designs in suits against Reward Wall and Nudra was not binding. However, the court agreed that the doctrine of collateral estoppel was correctly applied to end the litigation. The district had found that the Airlite product was the same of the Reward Wall and Nudra products, and denied IntegraSpec a new claim construction.

Updated Chinese Examination Guidelines

The State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO) of China updated its examination guidelines, with important clarifications about software patentability. Business methods with technical features are patentable. The guidelines specifically allow the combination of a medium and a computer program process.

Federal Circuit Affirms Alice Invalidation in Open Parking v. ParkMe

The Federal Circuit affirmed the district court invalidation of the patents in Open Parking v. ParkMe as unpatentable in view of Alice. The decision only affirmed without analysis, but the case is interesting because during oral arguments one judge opined that the Federal Circuit should start sanctioning frivolous Alice challenges. Here, the patents in question were pre-KSR, and very broad.

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Federal Circuit Affirms Alice Invalidation in @Home v. Microsoft

The Federal Circuit affirmed the district court summary judgement Alice invalidation of the software patent in @Home v. Microsoft.

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